Apicentre of Doctor Annenkov

The admission is by PhD, doctor of the highest category, the Vice-President of "Ukrainian Association of apiterapists" Annenkov Fyodor Mihailovich.

Accepts patients with various diseases of the musculoskeletal system, as well as gynecological, surgical, urological, cardeological, neurological, rheumatological and gastroenterological diseases.

 Recreational manipulation are held in the center:

- Statement of bees on acupressure points on the body (depending on the disease)
- bioenergy correction (in cases of violation of the energy balance);

- Honey massage, classical massage;

- Deep heating of tissues on infrared bed with oatmeal wrap;

Three doctors of the highest category, medical assistant-massage therapist are working in the apicentre. For energy balance restoring there are two bioenergy houses, six lounges.

In the treatment mini beehive therapy is used.
 Apicentre has comfortable eco-friendly houses for visiting patients (wooden houses, rooms for 2 persons). In the rooms there are sinks, toilets, showers, TVs, refrigerators, conveniences and comfort).
         Physiotherapy and phyto treatments are also available here.
  Apicentre has 50 bee colonies, which produce bee products: honey, honeycomb honey, immune honey, royal jelly, drone jelly, propolis, pollen, cerago, bee seal, dead bees and medicinal bee venom.
The main task of the personnel of apicentre is to restore the lost functions of organs and systems of patients.



Appointments at tel. (098) 032 1350 or (098) 032 1347

Address: Ukraine, Zorya, Rivne district, Rivne region on the street

Michurina, 31

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