Manor of green tourism "Arhilusha"

Located in Vorokhta in 8 kilometers from the center of the village next to the route Tatariv-Verkhovyna.

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Unique sessions of apitherapy (bee stinging, the use of bee products, the use of honey and vitamin mixture, honey massage, honey wrap, sleeping on the hive, honey propolis inhalation, enteral solution of honey and propolis) helds by Honorary apiterapist Senishin Dmitry Marjanovich.
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Doctor-apitherapist P. Vitenko

Treats the number of difficult-to-cure diseases, especially orthopedic and neurological diseases.

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Apicentre of Doctor Annenkov

The admission is by PhD, doctor of the highest category, the Vice-President of "Ukrainian Association of apiterapists" Annenkov Fyodor Mihailovich.

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Apiary "Healing Bee"

Beehive therapy starts the natural mechanisms of the body healing itself, during sleeping on hives human is cured by nature. Beehive therapy is a huge magnetic field that aligns human energy, a powerful mechanism inhaled when a person breathes air, that is purified naturally.

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Apiary DOCTOR Bee

The apiary is located at village Osypivka of Shyryayivskyi district in Odessa region in a cozy corner of nature near the river Small Kuyalnyk

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