Beeswax is a valuable, natural and healthy product, which is used by people for centuries.

Beeswax is a product of biological origin, which is produced by worker bees by special wax glands. To form it bees need pollen, nectar, cerago and honey. The process of biological production of wax is possible only by healthy bees in the body of which there are enough necessary enzymes. After producing the wax in glands it releases through the holes of so called wax mirrors (about 1,5 mg of beeswax) and freezes with transformation in transparent white plates. Bees wax is used as a building material for a bee's cells.

Wax has a complex chemical content, about three hundred compounds of organic nature and minerals: esters of saturated fatty acids (palmitic, cerotic, myristic etc.) and high-monohydric alcohols, hentriacontane, nonacosane (saturated hydrocarbons), fatty acids (melissic, montanic, neo cerotic), higher alcohols, lactones, carotenoids, vitamin A and more.

In modern medical practice wax is widely used as an antibacterial, antiviral agent, promotes rapid healing of wounds, also it rids of many skin diseases and problems: furuncle, boils, rashes, wounds, blisters. Also it is used in dental and cosmetic practice.

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