Conversations in Bartnik in Stroze, Poland June 30-July 03, 2017

From June 30 to July 3, 2017, a delegation of beekeepers and apitherapists from Ukraine visited the Conversations in Bartnik in the village Stroze, Poland, organized by Sądecki Bartnik.
More than 5 000 participants from more than 10 countries attended one of the biggest beekeeping exhibition in Poland.
The Ukrainian delegation participated in the beekeeping fair and worthily represented the Motherland.
For two days beekeeping conference "Help bees - bees help us" took place, in which more than 25 scientists, doctors, including Ukrainian  prof. Postoienko V. and  apitherapist Senyshyn D. , spoke in reports. 
More information will be placed in the 4, 2017 issue of the magazine "Doctor Bee". Follow the information.

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