28-30 January at bazeilles sanatoryya "Konvalyya" (g Truskavets) sostoyalsya seminar "Basics apitherapy" orhanyzovannыy NSC "Institute pchelovodstva them. PI Prokopovich," the editors of magazine "Doctor bee," and the SEC "Apys 2014" . In the work ego took part 88 scientists, doctors, and apyterapevtov pasechnykov IZ Ukraine, Poland, Georgia and Turkey.
In techenye Trejo days Participants Lectures proslushaly High society doctor categories, apyterapevta Solodenko IV (g Odessa) zaveduyuscheho laboratory biologically aktyvnыh of products pchelovodstva NSC "Institute pchelovodstva them. P .Y. Prokopovich" doctor apyterpevta PP Vytenko ( Kiev g) High society categories doctor, neurologist and apyterpevta DM Senyshyna (g Shodnytsa, L'vov reg.) and FM Anenkova candidate of medical sciences, doctor High society categories, apyterapevta (g Rovno).

With the report to seminar participants also vыstupyly vice-president of association Evropeyskoy netradytsyonnoy medicine, Dr. Gokhan Aydogdu (Turkey), Vice-President of association pasechnykov g Istanbul Suat Sabuncu (Turkey), doctor of medicine эkolohycheskoy Wojciech Gziut (Poland), director of the firm "Apybalt" Józef Misiura (Poland), director of the Groups development pchelovodstva "Ympervert" Michael Petruashvyly and marketing manager эtoy same firm Georg Haharyya (Georgia).

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