Creating of apipreparations in Ukraine - one of the strategic directions of beekeeping

Bee products - propolis, flower pollen, bee venom, honey, royal jelly - are a rich source of natural raw materials for the production of highly effective medicines. Implementation of a scienctific program to create a Ukrainian apipreparatoions has been held for nearly 50 years. As a result of research it were developed methodological foundations for the creation of structures and technologies of new medical apipreparations, was justified the ways of adjustment the technical properties of raw material, biologically active substances, and also the methods for their preparation with optimal physico-chemical and therapeutic properties.

For example, the methodology for determining of the chemical composition of propolis and its bioactive fractions, followed by detection of dependence "composition-structure-effect" was proposed by Academician of NASU A. I. Tikhonov for the first time in the country. Later, his works has been developed by students (professors Yarnykh T.G., Tikhonov S.A., Budnikov T.N. etc), what made it possible to define the concept of complex processing and use of bee products in various fiel

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№ 2.2014EN || Автор: Author: O. S. Shpichak, PhD, assistant professor of the department of pharmacy medicines technologies of National Pharmaceutical University named after D. P. Salo (National University of Pharmacy, Kharkov)

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