From hive to the table!

Since ancient times, humanity uses honey as food and preventive medical product or component for specific drugs.

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The traditional dwellings of bees in nature were always hollows of trees, although there are known other places of settlement. However, mankind has adapted to take honey from bees from any dwelling. And with the development of civilization also improved methods of depriving the honey and other bee products. However, now this process is possible only in the summer season similarly in ancient times. And providing and using the honey during the year - this need is specific for bees and for people.

Bees build the most perfect dishes - cells, where they accumulate the honey. But people, taking honey, always destroyed cells. The honey was filtered from the wax and other impurities and often kept in earthenware or wooden crockery. Nowadays before giving to the table, honey is pumped from the open cells by the centrifugal method and filtered. Then people fill by it transport (wholesale) dishes, blended (mixed) and packed in retail container.


Of course, at each stage is lost share some pharmacological properties of honey. Hence our proposal to store in a cell maximum honey and served to the table. We suggest getting honey from the cells immediately before use, while maintaining 100 percent of all useful properties. Our technology allows everyone to control the whole process of getting honey from gathering to intake.

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