If to drink, so with the benefit!

I had to pay more attention to the packaging, label, corking and advertising. Today I have 12 varieties of drinking honey with a label for each, not counting an experimental. My drinking honey now is know in Australia, Canada, America, South Africa, England, France, Israel, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Russia. Whether it is recognition of the quality of medicinal properties of our product?!

Drinking honey is made only from high-quality honey by natural fermentation. The presence in it a sufficient amount of natural alcohol, glucose, fructose and organic acids, if moderate consumption, only strengthens its medicinal properties!

Researches have shown that this drink restores the vitality, tones the body, helps for the improving of working capacity and longevity, cure for colds and stomach diseases.

Technology of preparation of the drinking honey ensures saving of the natural components of the wort. Depending of the type of drinking honey, the wort include, in addition to, of caurse, the honey, the flower pollen and zabrus, and zabrus, and hops and fruit juices, herbal extracts, pure wine yeast race. After finishing the fermentation part of the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other substances guaranteed passes into the drinking honey.

Already is well-known that the using of this drink reduces the frequency and strength of illness during an outbreak of viral infections. Professor of Medicine Gaen believes that the appointment of one or two glasses of "honey wine" a day can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by 2 times, and also reduce blood thickening.

Many historical facts confirm that the honey brewing has been developed even among the Scythians, and this period lasted for more than 1000 years! It is ineradicable in our nation! And whether it is necessary to eradicate the traditional needs of the centuries-old?

Not, no need. We think so, and do so! And to drink with health benefits, but not to our own hurt and we are engaged in honey brewing, and ready to regale all your readers!

  "Moderate consumption of honey in food and drink constantly blessed them in marriage." M. Vitvitskiy

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