Treatment of deforming osteoarthritis

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system are quite common. The most common among this group of pathologies is deforming osteoarthritis (arthrosis, DOA). The disease is caused by degenerative lesion of the articular cartilage and is chronic. As the causes of deforming osteoarthritis can serve a variety of factors because of metabolic violation, hemarthrosis, and inflammatory diseases of the joints (arthritis). Deforming osteoarthritis is accompanied by pain in the affected joints, gradual deformation, and violation of motor function.

Unfortunately, medicine currently cannot completely deprive patients of DOA. The main objective of conservative therapy is slowing the progression of deforming osteoarthritis, maintaining and improving the mobility of the affected joints.

In recent years, much attention is paid to non-drug methods of therapy of this disease, including apitherapy.

Apitherapy of deforming osteoarthritis includes the impact on the patient by components of bee venom (apitoxin) and apipreparations – the substances made from bee products. Apitherapy allows you to quickly relieve patients' pain, improve joint mobility, and achieve sustained remission. The therapeutic effect of apitherapy as follows: 1. Bee venom contains components such as adolapin, apamin, MSD-peptide, melittin and other substances that have powerful anti-inflammatory effect via stimulation of the pituitary and adrenal glands. 2. Apitoxin and apipreparations have a direct impact on the content of prostaglandins in the human body, because of this there is a reduction of pain sensitivity. Furthermore, bee venom contains opioid peptides and biogenic amines, which have powerful analgesic effect and well remove the pain during deforming osteoarthritis.

Earlier bee venom was injected into the human body through the bite of bees, and then more widespread became injections.

In recent years, apitherapy in cases of deforming osteoarthritis is preferably carried out with using galvanic currents. The essence of the treatment is as follows: a special ointment (300 mg of apitoxin, 3.0 grams of medical purified sulfur and 100.0 g of honey) overlaps on the affected joint area, and then placed on top of electrodes for electrophoresis. A course is usually given 13-15 procedures, duration of each from 15 to 30 minutes. Clinical studies of this method of apitherapy in cases of deforming osteoarthritis showed its high efficiency. Patients reported about improvement in 15-20 days after treatment. This positive effect was prolonged and persistent. Radiographic study found that 91% of patients after apitherapy treatment with galvanic current had stable remission with the termination of further development of the degenerative process in the articular cartilage tissues. In another clinical trial it were compared the effectiveness of phonophoresis, apitoxin and hydrocortisone. As a result, positive results were achieved in 70% in cases of using apitoxin and in 52% in cases of using phonophoresis with hydrocortisone.

Before proceeding the bee venom treatment the patient must consult a doctor. Unacceptable  is to provide apitherapy by yourself

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