Wax  is the flesh of the hive. The unique material, the origin of which has long been a mystery for mankind. Wax is produced by the bees. Inside the bodies of bees boil complex biochemical processes. Carbohydrates are converted to esters, fatty acid to hydrocarbons. And honey is gradually turning into wax.

In folk medicine, wax, and even more bee seal performs the most important thing, namely the restoration of the immune system and mucous membranes of the entire human body. My opinion is that "Wax room" can visit the sick human of any age and with any disease. If the mucous membrane of each body and the immune system restores, metabolic processes begin to work, each cell begins to receive the necessary nutrition, self-healing starts from within the body. All that is needed is to properly set for each individual, according to his health, the number of procedures, treatments and the time to be spent in the room.

A physical therapist or nurse should do this. The degree of change from the original state depends on the number of sessions. It is also necessary to take into account the age, what diseases exist in human organism, what "bouquet" of diseases, and in this connection, it is necessary to select the time of the session and number of sessions per course. Courses can be repeated because of the severity of the disease. From this comes the accumulation of the positive impact of "Wax House." The recovery of aura integrity appears after the session. Assign is simple, but effective - prevention, restoration and maintenance of vigorous activity and improving the human immune system of the body by cccnatural healing agents.

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