​Important events of Apitherapy in 2017

- VІІІ Conference of Austrian Apitherapy Association, Klosterneuburg, Austria - 29.01
- Conference of Apitherapy, Cluj, Romania - 18-19.03
- XV Apitherapy Congress and Api-Еxpo, Passau, Germany - 24-28.03
- Honey Fest, Blaj, Romania - 25-26.03
- Х Swietokrzyski Bee Fest, Baltow, Poland - 18-20.08
- XLV International Congress Apimondia, Istanbul, Turkey - 29.09-04.10;
- X Romanian Apitherapy Congress, Expo and practical Workshops with international participation, Sibiu, Romania, 06-10.10;

- Propolis Forum in China October 18-20, 2017

We would be grateful to our readers for notification about other important events of Apitherapy in 2017.

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