The role of propolis in the hives of bees is weighty. Besides honey bees bring in a hive a certain amount of adhesive aromatics from shoots and leaves of trees. Propolis is a main bee's means against bacteria that acts as a protective layer inside the hive, which prevents germs invasion and their reproduction in any form.

In its structure propolis contains herbal resinous substances, bee glands secretion, cerago, pollen and mechanical impurities that, in particular, are more than 300 different organic and inorganic compounds: flavonoids (physiologically active substances that have a therapeutic effect of plants), aromatic components (caffeine, benzoic and salicylic acid), tannins (astringent) substances, essential oils, olihoelementy (magnesium, aluminum, zinc, iron, selenium, silicon, etc.) and vitamins (B1, B2, B3, C and E)

Propolis has a wide variety of effects on human health: antiseptic, antitoxic, analgesic, antipruritic, wound healing effects, including tissue repair and stimulates the protective reaction of the whole organism.

Propolis effectively fights against viruses, flu, colds, diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract, diseases of the mouth, skin, joints, stomach and other internal organs, reduces inflammation, promotes healing and tissue regeneration, cleanses the blood vessels against harmful cholesterol and affects their elasticity is used to prevent cancer, cure cervical erosion, prostatitis, and calms and normalize neural relations, helps to overcome stress, depression, fatigue and so on.

It should be noted that propolis is not used in pure form as in its composition it contains dust and particles of dead insects, so after cleaning procedures and various manipulations it might have further varieties of application: ointment, infusions, oil, chewy balls or plates of purified propolis tablets, suppositories, solution, spray, etc. It can be used both for external and for internal use and for irrigation and inhalation.

Therefore, propolis is an easily accessible and effective means to preserve the health of the whole family, and indispensable in the home medicine cabinet!

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