Expansion of the resource base of beekeeping for production and instullation of drugs of apitherapy

The resource base of beekeeping in the Ukraine, as never before, is rich in species composition of obtaining from apiaries products and biotech quality assurance and directions of the complex use of bee families potential. In the history of development of the industry complex production line in natural and economic conditions of our country has become dominant for most of the apiaries. Getting from the bees, besides long known honey and wax, additional products – Royal jelly, flower pollen as pollen pellet and ambrosia, propolis, apitoxin (as a powdery) have ensured with scientific development and is implemented for half a century. The use of drone larvae in the form of a homogenate and body of bees, the method of extraction of biologically valuable components is the result of research of their properties and implementation of mining technology from the end of twentieth century.

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№ 1c ENG || Автор: V. P. POLISHCHUK Professor HOLOVETSKY I. I. associate Professor of beekeeping NUBRandNU of Ukraine



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